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We are working hard for you since over fifteen years
IKP Executive Search is an Executive Search Consultancy which specialise in recruitment of executives in Germany and in parts of Europe and in addition offers human resources development based on individual consumer needs. We can substantiate our position by providing quality references from client companies.

Responsible for the management of the company is Dr. Irina Kummert.

Our knowledge of the business and the contacts we gained, have been established during many years professional experience, enabling us to work to a high standard. In many cases we do not have to run a search for the candidates for open executive positions we already have an up to date database and can quickly match client companies with candidates.

From Berlin, our qualified contact staff professionally coach companies throughout Germany. We have our core competence in the national business as well as in Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg and financial centers as London and New York.
Here you can find a selection of positions that we have already filled.

Our customers are client companies as well as candidates, to whom we offer a special service.

Moreover we hold cooperations with our networking partners.
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