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Executive Consulting
What are my options working on executive level today, being in the situation of thinking about making a career change and not wanting to wait until being contacted by a recruitment consultant?
Which vocational alternatives really make sense for me? How do I present myself and my qualifications in an adequate manner? Which kind of company and corporate culture would be suitable for me?
How do I find out in advance whether a career change would be the right decision? What would be the opportunities? What would be the risks? How would it feel like assuming the new position?
We are at your side helping you answering these and other questions by finding out, which way could be the one suiting your requirements and supporting you in achieving your goals. With this service we address especially executives on top management level, who need a sparring partner.
If you are interested in the conditions of our exclusive executive consulting program and want to learn more about the related services and prices, please call us or send an email.
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